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ISOC Praises ICC's DNS Study

ISOC blogged today about InterConnect Communications’report on DNSSEC for Ofcom last year. The report, for which I did some minor pieces, is the work of my colleagues Tony Holmes and Mark McFadden, both of whom have unrivalled expertise in the area of Internet naming and numbering. They also have the ability to present complex technical issues in simple, every day language. Mark’s presentation of the report at Ofcom was one of the most interesting and funny talks I’ve witnessed in a long time – quite an achievement on what’s usually such a dry subject.

ISOC’s blog concludes “All in all the report makes for excellent reading for those of us looking to understand the current status of DNSSEC deployment – and to help promote further deployment.” Nice one Mark and Tony!

Lucien Taylor

Lucien is a Founder of Oxford Information Labs. Following a successful career as an actor, he then went on to work as a security expert, engineer and marketer in the domain name industry for over 20 years.

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