Internet Governance

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An expert policy team

Oxford Information Labs has unparalleled expertise across a broad range of internet governance processes and issues, and provides strategic advice to key participants in the domain name industry, governments and the European Commission. Through Chatham House and the editorship of the Journal of Cyber Policy, our CEO Emily Taylor is an established thought-leader and media commentator on internet governance and cybersecurity stories. Emily has worked in the domain name industry for 20 years, initially as Director of Legal and Policy at Nominet. She was a founder member of the UN Internet Governance Forum’s Multistakeholder Advisory Group (between 2006-2012) and has chaired and participated in high profile reviews for ICANN.

Emily’s field of expertise extends to internet governance issues beyond naming and addressing such as human rights, surveillance, social media platforms and disinformation, as well as emerging technologies such as 5G. Emily now teaches internet governance and cybersecurity courses at post graduate level across several European universities, and specialist courses for the UK government through Chatham House.

Technical solutions for Internet Governance organisations

Lucien Taylor and Mark Robertshaw have provided technical services and software to major internet governance companies including EURid, ICANN, CENTR, and Nominet. Lucien designed and implemented the workflow system for Nominet’s award winning Dispute Resolution Service in 2001, and Mark helped to develop major components of Nominet’s infrastructure services over several years.

Internet standards

Oxford Information Labs’ Stacie Hoffmann joined the team in 2018 and brings with her a wealth of experience in the International Telecommunication Union’s technical standards processes.

How we can help you

The Oxford Information Labs team can offer clients strategic advice, evaluations and written reports, teaching or training, and issue tracking across a wide range of internet governance forums and processes.