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About Oxford Information Labs

In a nutshell

Oxford Information Labs (Est. 2002) is a cyber intelligence company founded by Lucien Taylor and Mark Robertshaw. Its roots are in two businesses which merged in 2017 - Emily Taylor’s Internet research consultancy, and Oxford Information Labs’ software development and research business.

“We saw a gap in the market for cyber analysts who were also real techies - offering not just advice, but helping provide practical solutions”Emily Taylor - CEO

Our work

Oxford Information has two streams of cyber intelligence work.

  1. Analysis: monitoring of global policy issues and threats arising from Internet and cyber technologies. We work with clients to produce world-class policy research and thought-leadership on emerging issues and threats.
  2. Hands on solutions: design implementation and delivery of cyber security solutions, wifi configuration, website protection, domain name protection, network hardening, PEN stress testing, certification and training.

Our history

Oxford Information Labs started providing bespoke software solutions to a number of high-profile clients, including the BBC, British Government, Domain Name industry providers, and has produced innovative solutions for the education, insurance, and Government sectors.

In 2013, the company decided to develop a number of its own products within a strategic objective to deliver more secure web services that were easier to manage.

“We were fed up with applying patches to everything, and software upgraded and breaking things to make things ’safer’”. We were interested in sleep-easy solutions, we started building them, and we haven’t looked back”Lucien Taylor - Security Product Development

At the same time, security issues in cyberspace have mushroomed, and the world is crying out for better security advice and products. Since 2014, Emily Taylor has been working closely with the international affairs think tank, Chatham House, where she is Editor of the Journal of Cyber Policy. With her team provided research, training and media comment and remains close to the evolving world of cybersecurity. The company now has a deep knowledge of the internet world, its key players, organisations, issues, and unique international governance processes. The team is regularly asked to contribute to media publications, and news broadcasts about emerging issues such as 5G and Huawei, Facebook, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and cyberattacks, and terrorism involving cybersecurity in general.

Our ethos

Security first, easy to manage .. oh .. and never forget the team.

The future

Oxford Information Labs is the team behind Oxford Information Labs (an ICANN accredited registrar licensed to sell domain names). Building upon its portfolio of 10s of thousands of domain names we aim to establish Oxford Information Labs as the number 1 provider of Domain Name services for UK businesses and organisations. We also aim to work with more security and law enforcement organisations to increase our knowledge of security issues, and access to security services.

We have a number of exciting open source security products and commercial products and solutions already launched and more in the pipeline see: Kinikit, Kiniauth, Kinicart, Site Atomic, SupportGap and more.