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Reporting, auditing, data-visualisations, big-data analysis, education, training, media contributions, and more.

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Security & Resilience

Offering a unique blend of internet related legal, technical and cyber security expertise for those seeking to improve cyber security and GDPR compliance. Reviews, auditing and strategy formulation.

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Policy development

Providing internet governance expertise to key participants in the domain name industry, governments and the European Commission. Contributing to policy standards.

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Latest articles and publications


A paper commissioned by the Journal of Cyber Policy discussing China's techincal standards and how they may break apart the internet into a 'Splinternet'


The ecosystem of junk news & disinformation around COVID-19 is enabled by search engines and advertising platforms that contribute to their visibility and financial revenue. Sites that consistently publish junk news, including harmful stories relating to COVID-19, show professional SEO strategies tasked with disseminating their content through search engines. They have high levels of domain authority, meaning that their content will rank high in search results for popular keywords.


This paper provides an inventory of the self-regulatory initiatives taken by six Internet platforms in response to computational propaganda between 1 November 2016 and 31 April 2018.