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Before Big Data

Oxford Information Labs has been working with large data sets before ‘big data’ was a thing. We are the research team behind the long-standing EURid UNESCO World Report on Internationalised Domain Names. Every year, the team uses its technical skills to crawl the entire zone files of the gTLD space - nearly 200 million domain names. The team has devised unique algorithms to determine the usage of domain names in websites, enabling the accurate identification of parking pages and the language of web content. Another aspect of the World Report is the trusted relationship between the ccTLD community and the Oxford Information Labs research team. This has enabled us to build a fuller picture of otherwise unpublished internationalised domain name deployment through annual questionnaires and data sharing with the ccTLD community.

Our research team

Our technical expertise has enabled breakthroughs in the study of online linguistic diversity, by identifying links between the use of internationalised domain names and local language content.

The research team has also provided the data analysis for large scale studies of the domain name market places in the Middle East and Latin America (for ICANN) and for CENTR, the regional organisation for European ccTLDs.