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Emily Taylor moderates expert panel on encryption and lawful access for Chatham House’s inclusive cybercrime policymaking online training programme

Financial Times (with Paywall): Emily speaks to the FT’s Helen Warrell on the increase in ransomware attacks in 2021 and the measures being taken by GCHQ in response.

Chatham House: Emily Taylor moderates panel on the future of the internet at Chatham House Cyber 2021

WPR: Emily Taylor discusses the series of attacks on commercial shipping in and near the Persian Gulf that have been unofficially attributed to Iran

Times Radio - Stories of our Times: Emily discusses about the anatomy of a global hack

BBC PM: Emily comments with Amota Amamd on Ken McCallum Director of MI5’s speech on hostile state actors and the recent Kaseya cyberattack

Financial Times (with Paywall): Emily speaks to the FT’s John Thornhill about the ransomware attack on Kaseya- and the resulting impacts on Co-op.

Times Radio: Emily Taylor discusses the implications of the Kaseya ransomware attack with Times Radio

BBC World Service: Emily Taylor discusses the Kaseya Ransomware attack with BBC radio’s Newshour

Emily co-moderates for the Dynamic Coalition on Data and Trust session at EuroDIG 2021, organised by EURid - Full session here.

Senior Associate Kate Jones leads a workshop at Rightscon21 on digital technical standards and human rights.

WPR: Emily discusses the rise of China in the global tech landscape and the risks associated with technical standards

Asia Financial: Emily discusses India becoming a key strategic destination for global underwater cables in the backdrop of the US-China tech war.

BBC Radio 4: The Briefing Room: Ransomware attacks by cybercriminals have grown exponentially in number. What are they, how do they work and how much of a threat do they pose? Emily provides expert commentary.

BBC World Service Tech Tent: Emily provides expert commentary on the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack.

World at One: Emily Taylor discusses with Jonny Dymond the recent colonial pipeline ransomware attack and the need for greater resilience in the protection of critical infrastructure

BBC World News: Emily provides expert commentary on the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack. Link to full video here

Emily Taylor moderates a discussion on the Giga project, a UN-supported initiative to connect every school in the world to the Internet. Full video of presentation.

Chatham House: Keeping Donald Trump’s Facebook ban in place shows the vast power social media platforms hold, raising questions of whether that power is appropriately used. Emily provides expert commentary.

BBC PM: Emily discusses with Evan Davis on the recent global chip shortage and what impacts that may have on the world of tech

Financial Times (With Paywall): Jeremy Fleming, head of GCHQ’s speech at Imperial College. Emily Taylor speaks to the FT’s Helen Warrell on the need for the UK to move beyond a pure containment strategy with China on tech.

Lightning Talk: A short burst discussion about ‘Software at Oxil’ - a quick overview of the software we use here at Oxil and a dive into the world of Web Apps from our senior web developer Oxford Information Labs.

MEDNSF: Emily presents the key findings of the 2020 IDN World Report to the ICANN Middle East DNS Forum 2021.

OXIL Lightning Talks: A short burst discussion about ‘How Software Works’ - a quick overview of software, the software stack, and language features from our chief techie at Oxford Information Labs.

World Politics Review: Emily explains the three main drivers behind the global shortage of semiconductor chips

OXIL Lightning Talks: An overview of Oxford Information Labs' key technology for new staff, colleagues, friends, and the public. These are simple introductory lightning talks picking out the things that matter to OXIL right now.

World Politics Review: Emily comments on the consensus agreement reached by 193 UN States on governance of cyberspace

Emily discusses China’s plans to create an alternative internet in File on Four’s investigation into China’s Covid disinformation campaigns. For the full show, visit the BBC Sounds app

Chatham House: Emily chairs a discussion for Chatham House with Minister Matt Warman MP, Baronness Pauline Neville-Jones, Dr Alexi Drew, Scott Bailey, Hiroki Hishida and Chris Jackson on UK Japan digital cooperation on 5G and beyond, full article here.

Bloomberg: Emily is quoted in Bloomberg’s article on Facebook and Google’s decision not to use the Chinese-built PEACE cable.

World Politics Review: Emily examines the growing geopolitical tensions surrounding Internet infrastructure, including undersea cables

World Politics Review: Emily analyses the broader policy issues arising from Facebook’s ban of Australian news outlets from its platform.

World Politics Review: Kate Jones and Emily Taylor call for greater regulatory coherence between the US and EU on Tech.

Chatham House: Emily’s chapter on the UK track and trace app has been published today in Chatham House’s ‘The COVID-19 pandemic and trends in technology’, edited by Joyce Hakmeh. The article examines the areas of tension between corporate power and the authority of democratically elected governments, and the capacity of tech companies to block access to essential technologies.

Explain to Shane Podcast: Emily talks to Shane Tews about a recent simulation that she did with Chatham House, exploring the impact of local laws on international flows of data in the context of a rapid response to a cyber attack.

Financial Times (With Paywall): One of the biggest risks that I see is that [cyber operations] are a very technical area and we have a huge respect in this country for our intelligence services … so there can be either a deferential attitude from the people giving oversight or even worse, just an ignorance and inability to hold people to account. - Emily Quoted on Finanacial Times Article

BBC Radio 5 Live: Emily Taylor speaks to Radio 5 Live’s Colin Murray about how the pandemic is accelerating a move away from cash towards digital payments.


Parliament TV: Emily gives oral evidence on the Telecommunications (Security) Bill to the Parliamentary Public Bills Committee, discussing the strategic importance of technical standards, a holistic approach to the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure and the UK’s 5G strategy.

BBC Radio Oxford: Stacie talks with BBC Radio Oxford about the increase in COVID-related phishing and how to protect yourself.

BBC World at One: How security updates were used to hack into at least 40 USA organisations, including Government Agencies

Stacie Hoffmann interviewed by Katty Kay and Christian Fraser | SolarWinds cyberattacks following the FireEye hack.

LBC Radio: Emily Taylor interviewed by Tom Swarbrick on LBC | December 2020 FireEye cyberattacks and who may be responsible.

BBC World News: Emily Taylor discusses the shock FireEye Hack, the hacking of the gold standard security company, and evidence of a state sponsored cyber attack.

Publica ONLINE: An Interview With Publica (Brazil) about our joint paper with Oxford Internet Institute (Follow the money) - Covid Misinformation & Online Advertising. “We’ve already had some interesting impacts: some of the official sites we quoted had asked us how can they change their follow backlinks to no follow. Your research and participation were very important to our piece." - Journalist Laura Schofield

View our animated quick guides to new legislative proposals for IoTSF - Software updates, Universal Default Passwords, and Vulnerability Disclosure in Consumer IoT. Animations by Patrick Taylor.

Times Radio: Emily Taylor speaks with Times Radio’s Stig Abel about the UK and US denouncement of Russian hacking, including the US indictment of 6 GRU operatives accused of being behind historic major cyberattacks including Ukrainian power outages, NotPetya and hacks of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

Vulnerable Things: New security service for Internet of Things developed by OXIL and @IoT_SF involving @DCMS. See Minister’s Tweet.


Congratulations to our own Dr Samantha Bradshaw on being awarded her D Phil from Oxford University. Sam is now taking up a position at Stanford, and we are wishing her all the best.

IFFOR: IFFOR publishes their report on Online learning and parental controls, with infographic on their findings created by Patrick Taylor with digital downloads of the report and infographic

Infotagion: Emily Taylor, CEO of Oxford Information Labs and associate fellow at Chatham House, discusses how the rise of medical misinformation during the pandemic is leading to community tensions

BBC Tech Tent: Emily Taylor talks in BBC Techtent on China’s ‘Splinternet’

Radio 4 Analysis: Emily Taylor, Steve Crocker and Goran Marby on BBC Radio 4 on ‘Is the Internet Broken?’


@UKOSCE: Emily Taylor addresses #SecCom2020, importance of public-private partnerships for cyber resilience. Intro-video here. Full transcript here.


BBC Radio 4: Emily is interviewed on BBC Radio's Westminster Hour on the 6th Division's recent intervention and intention of combating misinformation and fake news, going into the history of fake news in Cold War era, and the potential damages it could cause in recent times.


IoTSF: The Internet of Things Security Foundation collaborated with Oxil in designing infographics and quick guides for their upcoming webinar series on cybersecurity on Consumer Internet of things- including new regulations in Default Passwords, Security Software Updates and Vulnerability Disclosure policies - Graphic design by Patrick Taylor


Twitter: Digital Infrastructure Minister Matt Warman tweets about Oxford Information Labs’ project with IOT Security Foundation to improve the Cybersecurity of smart devices

High Tech Forum: Preserving Internet Integrity: China’s invasion of internet standards organisations - an interview with Dominique Lazanski

New York Times: Oxil and Oxford Internet Institute new study on COVID-19 misinformation is covered by New York Times


BBC Radio 4 PM: Emily Taylor on the TikTok Ban in the US


High Tech Forum: Stacie and Dominique speak to High Tech Forum’s Richard Bennett on OXIL’s new paper ‘Standardising the Splinternet: How China’s technical standards could fragment the Internet’, soon to be published by Chatham House’s Journal of Cyber Policy

NewsSocial Media

Sky News: Emily speaks to Sky News' Niall Paterson about social media platforms and their responsibilities for hate speech in the wake of Wiley’s antisemitic tweets.


BBC News Online: “Mutual dependence creates stability and if that’s hacked away at, global stability will suffer.” - Emily quoted on an analysis by Katie Prescot.


BBC Business Daily: OXIL Associate Dominique Lazanski talks about our upcoming paper on how China is standardising the splinternet on BBC Business Daily


BBC News Online: Emily Taylor quoted on an article by Chris Fox & Leo Kelion on Russian spies targeting Covid-19 vaccine research


Deutsche Welle: Emily Taylor discusses with Deutsche Welle a series of cyber attacks labelled 'Cozy Bear' attempting to steal Covid-19 Data, believed to be linked to Russian interference.


LBC: Emily discusses UK's announcement on restrictions on use of Huawei equipment in 5G on LBC.


BBC R4 Today: Emily discusses UK’s announcement on restrictions on use of Huawei equipment in 5G.


BBC World News: Emily Taylor discusses with BBC World News a series of cyber attacks affecting Australian targets, geopolitical causes for state-sponsored attacks, and the need for coordinated vulnerability disclosure.

The Wall Street Journal: Emily quoted on the Wall Street Journal's article on the UK Government's decision to start restricting Huawei technology following U.S. Restrictions


Chatham House: Emily outlines the complexities of ensuring surveillance technologies are not misused.


LBC: Emily on LBC Radio | Phasing Out Huawei

BBC Coventry: Stacie discussing if we can 'run out' of Internet on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire radio.


Parliament TV: Stacie Hoffmann gives evidence to the House of Commons Select Committee on Online Harms discussing disinformation and COVID-19


Parliament TV: Emily Taylor gives evidence to the House of Commons Select Committee on Defence enquiry on the Security of 5G.

NewsSmart devices

EURONEWS Now: Stacie discusses the government's plan to use smartphone tracking to track the spread of Coronavirus.


BBC Newsnight: Emily Taylor provides analysis on social media platforms' response to misinformation on coronavirus on BBC Newsnight


EURONEWS Now: Stacie provides expert commentary to Euronews Now on the UK’s long-awaited decision on Huawei’s role as a supplier of 5G infrastructure


BBC World: Emily provides expert commentary to BBC World News on the UK’s long-awaited decision on Huawei’s role as a supplier of 5G infrastructure


BBC Today Program: Emily provides expert commentary to BBC Radio 4's Today Programme on the UK’s long-awaited decision on Huawei’s role as a supplier of 5G infrastructure


BBC Newsday: Stacie provides expert commentary to BBC Newsday on the UK’s long-awaited decision on Huawei’s role as a supplier of 5G infrastructure


BBC Business Daily: Emily provides expert commentary to BBC World Business Daily on the UK’s long-awaited decision on Huawei’s role as a supplier of 5G infrastructure


BBC 5 Live: Emily Taylor talks to BBC 5 Live in the build up to UK Government's Huawei announcement


BBC Newsnight: Emily provides expert commentary to BBC Newsnight on the UK’s long-awaited decision on Huawei’s role as a supplier of 5G infrastructure


BBC Essex: Stacie talks with BBC Radio Essex about how to buy secure smart devices this Christmas


Emily chairs the panel discussion at Chatham House on the topic of 'Who Runs the Internet'


BBC News: Emily discusses Facebook content moderation and the viral Christmas ad from a Welsh hardware shop


CNN: Emily is interviewed by CNN's Richard Quest on the developments regarding 5G Technology and Huawei


Stacie chairs the ‘A 5G Future: Risks and Opportunities’ GovTech Summit panel, discussing 5G security with European Commissioner King, ENISA, ETNO and industry


The Hill: Stacie giving a talk on DNS over HTTPS on The Hill in Washington DC at the National Symposium: Protecting Children from Online Exploitation hosted by NCOSE.


BBC Worklife: CEO Emily on BBC Worklife discussing WhatsApp cyber attacks


IGF: Stacie Hoffmann chairs the panel on ‘Current developments/proposals for the future of Internet Governance’ at the UK IGF 2019.


Stacie Hoffmann provides expert comment on the policy panel at the Security Awareness Special Interest Group (SASIG) AI and IoT event as the IoT Security Foundation Policy Ambassador.

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Sky News: Stacie is quoted in Sky's report on OXIL's new report on the 'Market of Disinformation' for the Oxford Internet Institute's OxTEC project.


The JCNSS has launched an enquiry into the Government's approach to sustaining access to 'safe' telecoms technology as a national security issue. The inquiry focuses on 5G. Oxford Information Labs has submitted written evidence, based on our extensive research into the issue.

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BBC Worklife: CEO Emily on BBC Worklife re: WhatsApp cyber attacks

Stacie, speaking at Chatham house about the Geopolitics of 5G


BBC World Update: Emily Taylor talks on BBC World Update discussing EU's Judgement on the Right to be Forgotten

CENTR Publication: Emily's publication for CENTR translated into Russian

Expert Comment, Chatham House: 5G and Huawei by Emily Taylor

CircleID: Stacie's article in CircleID on 5G and the threats lost in Trump's Twitter Diplomacy

BBC R4: Star of the show TechTent BBC R4 with Rory Cellan-Jones


BBC World Service: YouTube disinformation takedowns | Hong Kong Protests

BBC World Newsday: Emily Taylor talks on BBC World - Newsday about the USA's extension to the Huawei ban


BBC Essex: Stacie on BBC Radio Essex, addressing the idea of TFL WIFI Passenger Tracking

BBC Radio 4: Emily Taylor on BBC Radio 4 on Trump's 'Red Flag' statement following El Paso

CircleID: Stacie's article in CircleID on the DNS over HTTPS (DoH) debate

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BBC R4 TechTent: Star of the show TechTent with Rory Cellan-Jones talking about 5G, Huawei.


BBC Newsnight: Emily on BBC Newsnight with Kirsty Walk - Huawei 5G


BBC R4 Briefing Room: Emily discusses Huawei and 5G rollout


Parliament TV: Sam giving evidence to the DCMS Select Committee re: Facebook