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Future-proofing our Digital Rights at MozFest 2019

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Oxford Information Labs is excited to partner with the Digital Freedom Fund (DFF) to host a workshop on “Future-proofing Our Digital Rights” at MozFest in London this Sunday.

The future-looking session will be an interactive workshop to identify potential and upcoming challenges to protecting our digital rights and strategies digital rights defenders can use to address these challenges.

Interested? Join the workshop! It is free and open to everyone.

The Future-Proofing our Digital Rights session will be held on Sunday 27 October 2019, between 11:00am and 12:00pm, at Ravensbourne University (Room 804 – Level 8)

For more information on this Sunday’s workshop and how this event follows on from a workshop and paper series we did in 2018, read Stacie’s blog for DFF here

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