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Emily Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

I'm very proud to introduce the Oxford Information Labs team. In the past few years we have brought together world-class software programmers and policy experts to provide a unique mix of expertise and hands on technical solutions. We are now able to deliver cutting-edge cyber intelligence across multiple services, such as cyber audits, big data driven research, post-graduate level and professional training, as well as in depth policy analysis from clients ranging from the domain name sector (ICANN, EURid, CENTR), the think tank Chatham House, civil society organisations and the public sector. Members of the Oxford Information Labs team advise government on technical standards development and cybersecurity.

Note: Emily’s extensive work including work for Chatham House, Media appearances, and teaching, is presented in her own page.

Mark Robertshaw

Chief Technology Officer

Mark has been at the cornerstone of Oxford Information Labs’s technical development as a co-di- rector of Oxford Information Labs - the development team behind Oxford Information Labs. Mark is the architect behind several successful software administration systems: including Nominet’s DRS system, educational systems, Text 2 Speech for the BBC and more. He also provides database expertise for the annual IDN World Report - a multi-year research project by EURid, UNESCO, with the support of Verisign and the regional ccTLD organisations.

Lucien Taylor

Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

Lucien is the founder of Oxford Information Labs, a Cyber Intelligence Consultancy, and the DNS Research Federation - a UK Not for Profit aiming to advance the understanding of the Domain Name System's impact on cybersecurity, policy and technical standards. 
Together with Oxford Information Labs’ core technical team, Lucien has co-designed a number of innovative DNS specialist and security systems, providing services for big tech, NGOs, government, educational and financial organisations.  

Systems include:
DAP.LIVE - DNS Research Federation’s DNS Analytics Platform
CYBERCRIME.EXCHANGE - A new global data sharing platform in collaboration with GASA (Global Anti-Scam Alliance)
Nominet Dispute Resolution - a legal system rationalising the workflow of hundreds of cases as any time.
Netistrar - Domain Registration Platform
Speak2Me - Text to speech prototype for the BBC
Kinikit - Open Source data binding and templating tools

He regularly presents at internet technology, security and governance events, and has taught compact seminars at several universities.
Lucien had a successful career as an actor for 10 years, and later qualified as a Computer Engineer, gaining a First Class Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, and a Masters in Business Administration.

Nathan Alan

Director of Engineering

Nathan is currently the Director of Engineering at Oxford Information Labs and is responsible for developing and architecting the front end software used to power our applications. 

With 10+ years experience building and maintaining websites and mobile applications, Nathan is an expert in modern javascript frameworks, and has experience creating hybrid apps that work across multiple platforms for well know high street retailers, delivery companies, and domain registrars. 

Nathan has also recently co-authored a research paper based on the impact and governance gaps surrounding Blockchain Domain Names, and has helped support other DNS based research projects through data gathering and data analysis.

Georgia Osborn

Senior Research Analyst

Georgia is a Senior Research Analyst at Oxford Information Labs with 5+ years of experience previously working within counterterrorism and law enforcement, intelligence analysis, investigations and policy analysis. Georgia has previously worked in an international law firm chaired by Cherie Blair QC and in a Policy Think Tank. She has a Masters’ degree in International Studies and Diplomacy with Arabic language courses from SOAS University of London. Georgia has developed advanced analytical skills that have been trained both in the public and private sectors and is highly skilled in writing and communicating threat and risk assessments for internal and external organisations in both strategic and operational settings. Georgia holds a BA(Hons) from the University of East Anglia in International Relations.

Carolina Caeiro

Senior Policy and Governance Specialist

Carolina is a Senior Policy and Governance Specialist at Oxford Information Labs and Queen Elizabeth II Leadership Academy Associate at Chatham House. She specialises in Internet policy with a focus on the role of the technical community in the governance landscape and regional perspectives from the Global South. Her most recent research has focused on policy challenges at both core and upper Internet layers, including questions such as Internet fragmentation; trends in the development of digital technical standards; disinformation and content moderation practices; data governance; and AI regulation. Prior to joining Chatham House, she worked in the Internet and media industry for over seven years, including the Regional Internet Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean (LACNIC) and Argentina’s first fact-checking organisation, Chequeado. She holds an MA from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and a BA from Middlebury College.

Katie Miles

Client & Project Manager

Katie assumes the role of Client & Project Manager at Oxford Information Labs, where she has contributed her expertise for the past two years. In her capacity, Katie plays a pivotal role in overseeing and facilitating the diverse projects undertaken by OXIL, ensuring seamless coordination and successful execution. Her responsibilities extend beyond project management to encompass dedicated attention to client care, underscoring her commitment to fostering strong and enduring client relationships.

A graduate of Oxford Brookes University, Katie holds a BA (Hons) in International Business Management. This academic background equips her with a strategic understanding of international business dynamics, which she brings to bear in her multifaceted role at Oxford Information Labs. Katie's tenure and educational foundation position her as an integral part of the OXIL team, contributing to the successful management of projects and the provision of exceptional client services.

Igor Weilemann

Web Developer

Igor serves as a Web Developer at Oxford Information Labs, where his responsibilities span the maintenance of existing websites, the development of new platforms using the Kinisuit Framework, and the creation of comprehensive Kinisuite documentation. In the realm of website maintenance, Igor ensures the seamless functioning and optimal performance of Oxford Information Labs' online presence, employing both routine upkeep tasks and innovative solutions to enhance user experience. His commitment extends to crafting detailed Kinisuite documentation, contributing to user accessibility and proficiency in navigating the intricacies of the framework.

In addition to his technical role, Igor collaborates closely with the media team at Oxford Information Labs. This collaborative effort involves the creation and direction of videos for documentation and news dissemination. Through this interdisciplinary collaboration, Igor seamlessly integrates his technical expertise with creative and communicative skills, further enhancing the comprehensive online presence of Oxford Information Labs.

Pete Spain

Backend Developer

Pete is a backend developer at Oxford Information Labs, having recently graduated from the University of Bristol with an MSci(Hons) in Mathematics. Working within the technical team, his main focus is the development of the core software libraries.

Peter Job

Backend Developer

Peter is a backend developer at Oxford Information Labs, working on the core libraries, with a focus on data analysis and AI. He first started as an intern at the company in 2016. Peter graduated from the University of Warwick in 2023 with an MMath.

Katie Cranwell


Katie is the bookkeeper at Oxford Information Labs. She is a fully qualified ACCA accountant with a background in management accounting and business process improvement.

Patrick Taylor

Website Manager, Graphical Design and Animation

Patrick joined Oxford Information Labs in 2017, and contributes to the development of help documentation, website materials, graphics and design. As well as bespoke client video and animation production.

Mark McFadden

Senior Associate and Cyber Security

With more than 30 years of operational and policy experience with IP addressing and Internet Governance, he has extensive experience in large-scale internet- working. Previous roles include Director for Internet Governance, Infrastructure and Cybersecurity at InterConnect Communications in the United Kingdom, and Consulting Resource Manager for Addressing, Naming and Protocol Issues at the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). Since 2012, Mark has been a member of the UK delegation to the ITU’s Study Group on Security and has been the UK lead on Cloud Computing Security. Mark is an active contributor to work in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and ICANN, and he also is involved in the development of global internet security and addressing standards and policies. He is also a regular contributor to the work of the Regional Internet Registries, including serving as the Chair of the Address Supporting Organisation. Prior to working for IANA, Mark was the Senior Strategist for IP Addressing and Naming at BT for four years. Qualified as an ISO/IEC 27001 Architect, Mark has also taught in the Computer Science program at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

Dominique Lazanski

Senior Associate, Mobile and Cyber Security

Dominique is a London-based digital policy and strategy consultant. Dominique began her career with positions at Yahoo!, eBay, and Apple, where she helped launch the first iTunes stores in the US. In 2005 she moved to London to complete a master’s degree in information systems management at the London School of Economics. She has worked in policy ever since in the mobile and cybersecurity environments. She was formerly the Director for Public Policy and Institutional Relations for the GSM Association, coordinating closely with the UN, OECD, WTO and others. She has been appointed to international multistakeholder committees, including NetMundial and the UN Internet Governance Forum. She taught within the GSMA’s capacity building program for regulators and policy makers and sits on the board of several international companies. Dominique holds a bachelor of arts from Cornell University, a second master’s degree from the University of Bath and is currently working on her PhD. She is an amateur biathlete in her spare time.