Simplified Content

A plugin to help deal with Internet Explorer 8, and useful for intranet systems

Simplified Content, is a plugin hosted at which provides managers with a simple tool to target legacy browsers, i.e  Internet Explorer 8, and automatically generate simplified content for those browsers.  It is also a very useful plugin for WordPress based intranet systems – enabling developers to effectively block unsupported browsers and show an apology page.

Some feature highlights:

  1. Automatic content simplification.  Removes styles and javascript functionality and outputs only the main page content in target browsers.
  2. Automatic simple navigation system.
  3. The normal home page is replaced with a target site map page.
  4. Automatic ‘back to site map’ at the top of each content page.
  5. Customisable apology banner at the top of each page.


The plugin was developed as a solution for a public authority who was required to provide ‘something’ for website visitors using older browsers without too much development overhead.  NOTE: this is an aggressive plugin which effects content early in the WordPress ‘loop’.  It renders all rich media and other javascript useless in target browsers.  It provides degraded failover content for visitors using those browsers.  See this Help documentation for further details about how it works.

Given that such users are already suffering a seriously degraded web browsing experience (many providers no longer support old browsers), Oxford Information Labs decided to develop a plugin for website developers which enables them to easily produce a skeletal version of the website (mainly raw HTML and images) and a simple navigation system for a target set of browsers.

How it works

First of all, create a simple sitemap (if you haven’t got one already), pointing to all the critical information on your website – this is going to become your new home page in target browsers.

Create a simple site map
Create a simple site map


Website administrators can select target browsers for simplified content in the settings area of the administrator screen.

Select target browsers in the administration area
Select target browsers in the administration area

Visitors using any of those browsers will see ‘simplified content and a simple navigation system.

Review the simplified content and basic navigation

Review the Simplified Content help docs for more help and information.