WordPress plugins

Oxford Information Labs use Wordpress as the base system for a number client solutions.  With its great user interface, it makes sense to use an established system particularly where non-technical people need to create content using the system.  Wordpress has tried and tested tools for all levels of technical ability, and a myriad of plugins to enhance the system.

Oxford Information Labs has developed a number of plugins which it uses in its own systems and those of its customers.  Some of these plugins are available on WordPress.org, and other are premium plugins or plugins developed for private use.

Please contact us, if you have an idea for a plugin, or are interested in commissioning the development of a WordPress plugin of your own.

FREE Plugins on WordPress.org

The following plugins are available to download on WordPress.org.


Simplified Content

A silver bullet for legacy browser (IE 8/7, etc.) problems, and a useful tool for intranet systems.