Corporate websites and web services

Oxford City Council home page with hundreds of innovative features invented by Oxford Information Labs

Oxford City Council's Corporate Website in 2014 with hundreds of innovative features invented by Oxford Information Labs

A proper website give you the competitive edge, generates more revenue, and reduces costs.

OXIL provides superb web design, engineering and hosting services. Our 360-degree approach gives you – the website manager, decision maker and person responsible for crucial internet services – peace of mind and high-quality support. Using state-of-the-art content management tools, you will be empowered to manage sophisticated web content, products, news articles, advertising campaigns, and much more.

We offer two enterprise-quality WordPress hosting packages for clients who are serious about secure hosting and professionally managed internet services.

Secure WordPress Support (from £49.99 per month, business rates excl. VAT), ideal for small businesses, bloggers, journalists, photographers and boutique agencies and publishers.

Corporate WordPress Support (£99.99 per month), ideal for providers of mission-critical websites, local government services, charities, NGOs, utilities, VIP websites, etc.

We also offer Bespoke Server Support (from £49.99) in addition to either WordPress Support package.

Review the full details of our Corporate WordPress Hosting and Support packages here.

New websites for old

OXIL specialises in enhancing systems and integrating with legacy software. We have delivered phenomenal upgrades and seamless migration programmes for large organisations running mission-critical Internet services.

Today’s corporate websites are no longer single entities in the marketing and communications mix. Instead they sit within a scheme of web services providing customers with consolidated information from a number of channels: other sites, mobile devices, RSS Feeds, social media, and e-bulletins.

A good site is one that re-connects all the elements of your brand to the customer and delivers a consistent message.

Let OXIL advise you on how to upgrade a website, consolidate information and establish web services.