Yahoo! hacks: expert comment for Chatham House

Marietje Schaake MEP, Emily Taylor, Chatham House Image: Chatham House

Chatham House recently published an expert comment written by Emily Taylor and Joyce Hakmeh on the Yahoo! hacks that were revealed in late 2016.

Concluding that the consequences of a major data breach can be more destructive than the attack itself, the comment highlights that the new EU General Data Protection Regulation will both increase fines and make it mandatory for companies to report major data breaches. It also points out that the terms of service of Yahoo! and other major ‘free’ online service providers enable them to scan and share information from emails – so the expectations of privacy that users have about their online communications may be misplaced.

The article concludes:

It is time for higher standards of privacy in the online environment and real, not illusory, choices about how much information users wish to share with platforms, governments and advertisers.  Respect for user privacy would also improve protections against the ever-increasing scale of hacks.