Ofcom Internet Protocol Deployment Study

A report written in collaboration with ICC, produced for Ofcom 2013. It looks at a study of Internet Protocol Deployment.

Click here to download the PDF report.

Emily Taylor contributed to the creation of this report, working as part of a team in ICC, specifically focusing on the policy elements. The report show that findings on any measure reveal that the UK is behind competitor countries, in its deployment of IPv6. In countries where the government have taken a lead in promoting the adoption of the policy, it has had a positive effect in the deployment for that country.

The report uses an evidence based approach, and has look at case studies from diverse geographic regions.

IPv6 was created when it was realised that the number of IPv4 addresses was finite, and that there were more devices requiring Internet access than IPv4 addresses in existence. Unfortunately, IPv6 was not optimised for people with existing IPv4 addresses to use, so anyone with an IPv4 address needs to switch to IPv6.

The Ofcom report looks at the attempts to make the transition from IPv4 to IPv6, in order to continue its development. It also explores the impact it is having on the world, and on innovation.