Middle East and Adjoining Countries DNS Study - 25 Jan 2016

by Emily TaylorEURidAbu-Ghazeleh Intellectual Property

A DNS Marketplace Report for ICANN, focusing on the Middle East and Adjoining Countries. Co-authored with Abu-Ghazeleh Intellectual Property and EURid

Analysing the domain name industry without considering the wider context is a bit like trying to review the spokes in a wheel without considering the overall vehicle. Only by trying to understand the environment in which the domain name industry is operating, can we reach sensible conclusions and feasible recommendations about how to extend uptake.

The Middle East and Adjoining Countries (MEAC) DNS Study 2015 – referred in the text as “the Study” – sets the domain name industry and registration data in the wider context of the region’s Internet development, Internet usage patterns and user preferences, the region’s hosting industry and the importance of local language content. Subsequently, it draws on relevant benchmarks and best practices developed within the global ccTLD environment, and leads to some suggested actions that may stimulate wider uptake. The report is based on quantitative and qualitative data gathered at the end of Q2, 2015.

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