MC/159 Report on the Implications of Carrier Grade Network Address Translators Final Report - 15 Apr 2013

by InterConnect CommunicationsEmily Taylor

MC/159 Report for Ofcom about the implications of carrier grade netwrok address translators, co-authored with InterConnect Communications

This report identifies the technical, consumer, policy, privacy and law enforcement issues associated with Carrier Grade Network Address Translation (CGN) as currently implemented in today’s Internet.


  • Why are carrier grade NATs required?
  • Technical Overview of Carrier Grade NAT
  • Implications of CGN for Internet consumers
  • Implications of CGN for Internet service providers
  • Implications of CGN for public policy
  • Privacy, Security and Intellectual Property
  • Impact on Internet industry
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  • Publisher: Ofcom
  • File Type: PDF
  • Page Count: 87
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