MC/080 DNSSEC Deployment Study - 04 Oct 2011

by InterConnect CommunicationsEmily Taylor

MC/080 Study for Ofcom about DNSSEC Deployment and security the infrastructure of the internet, co-authored with InterConnect Communications

This report, in response to Ofcom‟s MC/080 DNSSEC Deployment Study, was asked to address four major issues.

  1. Provide a comparison of the UK’s progress and extent deployment of DNSSEC against other EU member states and G20 nations.
  2. Examine Nominet’s progress against that of other national registries in the deployment of DNSSEC.
  3. Establish if any barriers to DNSSEC deployment exist (e.g. technical or economic)
  4. Identify barriers or issues preventing adoption and deployment by UK hosting providers, Internet Service Providers and businesses The biggest barrier to DNSSEC deployment is the inability to quantify the benefit gained by its deployment.
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