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Journal of Cyber Policy Vol 4 - 24 Jan 2008

Published by Chatham House, Routledge Taylor & Francis Group (Ed. E Taylor)

Volume 4 No 1 of the Journal of Cyber Policy explores themes of geopolitics and international security as well as work on improving cyber-readiness and the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure.


  • Building confidence in the cybersphere
  • Russia’s vision of cyberspace: a danger to regime security
  • A critical strategy for Taiwan’s cybersecurity
  • Determinants of cyber readiness
  • Cyber negotiation: a cyber risk management approach to defend urban critical infrastructure from cyberattacks
  • Rebalancing cybersecurity imperatives
  • Enabling mass surveillance
  • A port in the data-sharing storm: the GDPR and the Internet of things
  • Online child sexual exploitation: towards an optimal international response
  • Indonesian cyberspace expansion
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