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Dr Samantha Bradshaw

Samantha Bradshaw is a leading expert on technology and democracy. Samantha is completing her PhD at Oxford University. She holds an MA in global governance from the Balsillie School of International Affairs, and a joint honors BA in political science and legal studies from the University of Waterloo.

Emily Taylor

Emily Taylor is the CEO of Oxford Information Labs. She is an Associate Fellow of Chatham House and is the Editor of the Journal of Cyber Policy and co-founder of ICANN accredited registrar, Oxford Information Labs.

Patrick Taylor

Patrick Taylor is the head of graphic design and website manager at Oxford Information Labs as well as a freelance digital artist.

Dominique Lazanski

Dominique is a London-based digital policy and strategy consultant. She has been appointed to international multistakeholder committees, including NetMundial and the UN Internet Governance Forum.

Stacie Hoffmann

Stacie is an international internet governance and cyber security expert. She publishes articles and provides expert comment to the media.

Lucien Taylor

Lucien is a Founder of Oxford Information Labs. Following a successful career as an actor, he then went on to work as a security expert, engineer and marketer in the domain name industry for over 20 years.

Mark McFadden

With more than 30 years of operational and policy experience with IP addressing and Internet Governance, he has extensive experience in large-scale internet- working. Previous roles include Director for Internet Governance, Infrastructure and Cybersecurity at InterConnect Communications in the United Kingdom, and Consulting Resource Manager for Addressing, Naming and Protocol Issues at the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

Andrew Bennett

Andrew is founder and CEO of Oxford Information Labs and prior to that worked as Domains Manager at 123Reg for 6 years.

Mark Robertshaw

Mark is Oxford Information Labs's Systems Architect and has developed domain name systems for the best part of two decades.