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Stacie Hoffmann

Cyber Security & Internet Policy Specialist

Welcome to my page where you'll find a summary of my work, latest articles, reports and appearances.

Understanding DNS Over HTTPS - DoH

Internet DoH Border Control by Patrick Taylor

DNS over HTTPS (DoH) is a new protocol that will fundamentally change the Internet’s underlying structure.

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by Stacie HoffmannSamantha BradshawEmily Taylor

Geopolitical power struggles, protectionist policies and national security concerns are fuelling the race to 5G. At the same time, legitimate concerns are are lost in the rhetoric of trade wars, intellectual property, and sanctions violations. As a result, new alliances and national policies are emerging, which indicate a shift for the future of peace and diplomacy.

by Stacie Hoffmann

One of a series of architecture and policy proposal documents, this paper provides an IoT security reference architecture for the healthcare industry. Based on well-known security principles and best practices, the paper develops four use cases and reference architectures to explore how to adopt security best practices in a healthcare ecosystem.