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Big Wins for Eco Friendly and Women at EURid Awards


Emily at EURid Web Awards 2018 with Sally Bundock BBC Business News Correspondence

In this year's EURid Web Awards there were big gains for Women and Eco-Friendly websites. Read about the ceremony and my reflections on the contest.

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In Conversation With Chris Wylie

Former Director of Research at Facebook, Chris Wylie in conversation with Emily Taylor, Chatham House.

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by Emily TaylorStacie Hoffmann

This paper provides an inventory of the self-regulatory initiatives taken by six Internet platforms in response to computational propaganda between 1 November 2016 and 31 April 2018.

by Emily Taylor

As internet governance issues emerge in the wake of innovations such as the Internet of Things and advanced artificial intelligence, there is an urgent need for the EU and US to establish a common, positive multi-stakeholder vision for regulating and governing the internet.

by Emily TaylorStacie HoffmannSamantha Bradshaw

This report examines the impact of algorithmic changes made by social media platforms, designed to curb the spread of disinformation, through the lens of digital marketing. The report highlights some of the techniques used by campaigners to attract, retain and persuade online audiences. It also sets out recommendations for the UK Electoral Commission.