About OXIL

(From top left) Mark Robertshaw - Systems Architect, Lucien Taylor - CEO Product Development Director, Emily Taylor - Research Director

Incorporated in 2002, Oxford Information Labs has at its heart a team of three founders Lucien Taylor, Mark Robertshaw, and Emily Taylor who have worked together to build a number of innovative products and services to serve an impressive list of clients.

Specialising in Object-oriented software, Mark Robertshaw and Lucien Taylor have developed core libraries to rapidly deliver robust, and highly customisable software solutions.  At the heart of OXIL systems, are software components that have been rigorously tested in the field for a number of years – permissions and group management layers, document generation, operational workflow, customer relationship management, retail checkout and workflow systems.

In addition to bespoke software development, the team have developed expertise in the WordPress Content Management Framework.

“We needed an area to plug the gap, between bespoke software development, and off-the-shelf cheap software systems”

says Lucien Taylor, Product Development Director

The team chose WordPress as the ideal platform for mass-customisation, a system that meets 80% of corporate website requirements, but open to customise through plugin technology and its own API.  OXIL have been experts in WordPress Corporate Hosting, advanced security services, and bespoke plugin development.

OXIL’s other interests

OXIL is a co-investor in Netistrar Limited, a UK-based ICANN Accredited Registrar trading in internet domain names (such as .COM, .NET., .UK, .EU, etc.).  As such, OXIL is able to provide low-level internet and web services, and has more control of the supply chain of internet services than typical providers.

In 2014, OXIL began work on co-investment with KGJ Insurance Group, to provide new services in the insurance industry.  The work is ongoing.